The Indian Premier League is considered to be the richest cricket league in the world. Be it the value of media rights, be it the sponsorship revenues, and above all the players salaries. Be it the players from India or from the other countries, IPL showers monies on the cricketers like no one else.

Ever wondered, which country’s players earns the most in IPL. How much does Indian players have earned over the years in the IPL. Other then the Indian players, which country’s players have played the most in IPL, how much is share of IPL salaries for each countries players or how many countries have actually been represented in the IPL till date.

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As expected the hosts India leads the table for the maximum salary and the maximum number of players in the IPL. 426 players from India has contracted by the IPL franchises till date. Indian players have been disbursed 2354.56 crores (Rs. 23,541,566,981 ) of salary till date. This amount is 54.95% of the total salaries IPL franchises have paid to their players since the start of the league in 2008

After India, Australia has the most players in the IPL. 84 Australian players have bagged IPL contracts in 11 years journey of IPL. 653.81 crores is the salary which Australian players have taken home i.e 15.26% of the total salary disbursed.

South Africa comes third in the list both in the players representation as well as salaries earned. 52 South African players have played till date in IPL with 428.63 crore as total salaries earned in eleven seasons of IPL.

West Indies is number 4th in the list with 26 players getting IPL contracts and Sri Lanka at number 5 with the same number of players but less salary in its kitty.

Pakistan players have been the unluckiest as far as IPL salaries goes. Other then the first season of the league where 11 Pakistani players played the league and earned 128,488,000 , they have not been included in the auction pool their after.


Country Total Salary % of Salaries No of Players Rank
INDIA 23,541,566,981 54.95 426 1
Australia 6,538,130,843 15.26 84 2
South Africa 4,286,373,172 10.01 52 3
West Indies 2,798,982,550 6.53 29 4
Sri Lanka 1,914,303,250 4.47 26 5
New Zealand 1,577,129,550 3.68 26 6
England 1,513,620,900 3.53 22 7
Bangladesh 285,895,500 0.67 6 8
Afghanistan 189,000,000 0.44 4 9
Pakistan 128,488,000 0.30 11 10
Netherlands 52,770,300 0.12 2 11
Zimbabwe 10,320,000 0.02 3 12
Kenya 2,000,000 0.005 1 13
Nepal 2,000,000 0.005 1 13
UAE 1,000,000 0.002 1 14